Filterpak Plus
Filterpak Plus

Compact recirculation and filtration equipment for household swimming pools, designed to offer high performance and durability for the system while making it easier for professionals to carry out assembly and installation work.

Filterpak has an improved design that includes ―with an aesthetically pleasing, compact presentation― a sand filter pump, valve, connection kit and support base for the unit.

Filterpak Plus is a versatile solution with a compact centrifugal pump from ESPA’s Blaumar range.

Built-in six-way valve, in top or side position.

Filters from 520 to 760 mm in diameter for circulation flows of 10 to 22 m3/h. Filters made from modified polypropylene, resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents, injection moulded, with the two halves joined by thermal welding.

Equipped with pressure gauge, air bleeder and double drain on the bottom side. Anti-blockage threaded seal. Transparent lid in side-filter versions for easy inspection of the inside. Base of the unit made of modified polypropylene. Pump-filter connection using standard black PVC pipes.

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