Filterkit Plus
Filterkit Plus

Swimming pool filter with 6 valves

Swimming pool filter with 6 valves made of chemical and weather-resistant modified polypropylene.Injection moulded, with the two halves thermally welded. Highly versatile six-way valve. Highest quality, from Ø520 to Ø760 mm for pools with a volume of water up to 176 m3.

Working pressure: 2.5 bar; maximum pressure: 3.5 bar. Connection with 1 ½” six-way valve for Ø520 and Ø620 mm models; 2” for Ø760 mm models. Fitted with pressure gauge and air valve.

Double drainage in the lower section of the filter: 1 ½” to totally empty the filter; ½” to drain water without loss of sand. Transparent lid for easy inspection. Valve lid to the filter via a 203 mm anti-blockage seal.

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